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Fiscal discipline can’t wait
April 19, 2016
In life, the sooner you get about fixing a problem, the easier it is to solve. The longer you put it off, the more dramatic and drastic measures you have to take. The same holds true for problems facing the country. That’s why a number of us conservatives in Congress oppose the current budget plan being proposed in the House of Representatives. Since the beginning of the year, conservatives have called for a budget that reflects the will of the American people. This means a budget that begins to... More
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Jordan questions Cleta Mitchell about IRS targeting, impeaching IRS commissioner
April 19, 2016
Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) questioned attorney Cleta Mitchell today about the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting of conservatives, congressional efforts to impeach IRS Commissioner John Koskinen, and cell tower-mimicking Stingray technology. During the Task Force on Executive Overreach hearing, Jordan pointed out that the IRS, while failing to collect roughly $385 billion in taxes for the Treasury Department, was instead spending its time acquiring and using Stingray technology, which cou... More
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Jordan renews call for impeachment of IRS commissioner during special order
April 14, 2016
Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) called for movement on legislation to impeach Internal Revenue Service Commissioner John Koskinen today during a special order on the floor of the House of Representatives. Rep. Jordan was joined by Reps. Ron DeSantis, Ted Yoho, Doug Lamborn and Jody Hice. Under Commissioner Koskinen’s watch, with congressional subpoena and preservation order in place and with Congress, the Department of Justice and the IRS inspector general asking for documents, the IRS destroyed... More
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Jordan Announces 2016 Art Competition
March 18, 2016
Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Urbana) has announced the 2016 Congressional Art Contest and encouraged high school students in the Fourth Congressional District to submit their best artwork to their schools. Up to two winners may be chosen from each high school, and students must be residents of the Fourth Congressional District to be eligible. The fourteen counties in the Fourth Congressional District include Allen, Auglaize, Champaign, Crawford, Logan, Sandusky, Seneca, Shelby, Union and parts of E... More
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House Freedom Caucus Takes Official Position in Support of Senators McConnell and Grassley for Holding the Line on Supreme Court Appointments
March 15, 2016
The House Freedom Caucus released the following statement supporting Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley (R-IA) for using the Senate’s advice and consent power to prevent hearings on Supreme Court nominees: “Thank you to Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley for holding the line against the appointment of a lame duck Supreme Court nominee. We appreciate their efforts, we believe that Senate Repub... More
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