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RELEASE: Jordan statements on Trump executive orders
January 23, 2017
Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) made the following comments regarding President Donald Trump’s executive orders today to resurrect the Mexico City Policy banning U.S. aid to organizations that promote or perform abortions abroad, and to freeze federal hiring. On the Mexico City Policy: “I applaud President Trump’s decision to reinstate the Mexico City Policy banning foreign non-governmental organizations that receive U.S. aid from promoting and performing abortions. The American people do not wa... More
Press Release
Jordan statement on inauguration
January 20, 2017
Today Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) made the following comments regarding the inauguration of President Donald Trump: “It was an honor to attend the inauguration and swearing-in of President Donald Trump. Under President Trump’s leadership, I look forward to fighting for ordinary Americans who have been forgotten by Washington’s elites. It’s time to do what we promised folks we would do when they elected us to serve them. No more excuses. The time has come to implement a bold, conservative age... More
Press Release
Jordan statement on vote to begin Obamacare repeal process
January 13, 2017
Today, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) voted in favor of S. Con Res. 3, a budget resolution for fiscal year 2017, which is the first step toward repealing the Affordable Care Act through reconciliation. Of the vote, Rep. Jordan said: “This is step one in the process to repeal Obamacare, a law that has driven up prices and hurt care. There are several steps to come but the goal is very clear: repeal it all – every regulation, every tax, every mandate – and do it this Congress. All the talk of a t... More
Press Release
Reps. Jordan, Davidson host Facebook Live discussion about repealing Obamacare
January 12, 2017
Congressmen Jim Jordan (OH-04) and Warren Davidson (OH-08) co-hosted a Facebook Live discussion today to share their views on congressional efforts to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and to answer questions about repealing and replacing Obamacare. During the discussion, Reps. Jordan and Davidson covered issues from pre-existing conditions to the timeline of repeal to defunding Planned Parenthood. During the discussion, Rep. Jordan said, “It’s time to put out the fire that Obamacare has started. ... More
Opinion Pieces
Op-Ed: No more excuses, Republicans
January 11, 2017
Too often, Washington puts the concerns of the politically connected before those of ordinary Americans. Imagine this scenario. A man who works a second shift walks out to get in his truck to drive to work. Now remember, when you work second shift you’re forced to miss some of your kids’ after school activities and their summer little league games. But like most Americans he’s willing to do the hard things for his family. As he pulls out of his driveway, the second shift worker sees a guy two ho... More
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