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Congressmen Jordan and Meadows File Resolution Telling Department of Justice to Turn Over Documents

June 13, 2018
Congressmen Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) and Mark Meadows (R-North Carolina) today filed a resolution to express the sense of the Congress that the Department of Justice (DOJ) shall provide certain documents to Congress relating to ongoing congressional investigations into the actions of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the DOJ. 

Citing repeated actions by the DOJ to stonewall congressional oversight, the resolution gives the DOJ seven days from its enactment to turn over documents related to both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein's appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller in the "Russian collusion investigation," as well as various decisions made by the FBI during the 2016 presidential election.

This resolution follows repeated refusals by the DOJ to provide documents for congressional oversight, including a violation of two subpoenas from Chairman Devin Nunes of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence and Chairman Bob Goodlatte of the House Committee on the Judiciary. 

Rep. Jordan released the following statement on the resolution:

"This resolution gives the DOJ seven days to turn over the documents that they owe Congress. Rod Rosenstein threatened congressional staff. When the bully picks on your little brother, you have to respond. It's time for House Leadership to stand up and pass this resolution." 

Rep. Meadows also released the following statement:

"For nearly 8 months, we have been asking Mr. Rosenstein to turn over the documents and answer legitimate questions from Congress about his troubling conduct during the 2016 Presidential election and leading up to the appointment of the special counsel. Yet over and over again, Rosenstein continues to circumvent any level of accountability. It's clear Rod Rosenstein has no interest in cooperating, and we are done talking.

It's time for Congress to start taking votes to hold people accountable. We are calling on our leadership to put our resolution to a vote immediately and force the Department to turn over the remaining documents within a week. Let's allow members of Congress to go on record and hold the Department accountable for their unprecedented obstruction."

To read the resolution, click here.