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Jordan statement on Supreme Court marriage ruling

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Washington, June 26, 2015 | Darin Miller (202-225-2676) | comments

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) made the following comments regarding today’s decision by the U.S. Supreme Court legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide:

“In today’s ruling, five judges overturned the sound public policy that was democratically enacted by millions of Americans in states across the country, including Ohio. This ruling follows what seems to be a recent trend on the Supreme Court: rulings based on the desires of the justices, and not the letter of the law and the framework of the Constitution.

“I am also concerned that this ruling opens the door for discrimination against those who believe in traditional marriage, and I believe Congress must work to ensure that no American is forced to violate their beliefs on this important issue, to ensure that all Americans, regardless of their beliefs, can co-exist peacefully. That’s why I am co-sponsoring Senator Lee and Congressman Labrador’s First Amendment Defense Act, a bill that promotes tolerance for all Americans by preventing any federal agency from discriminating against any individual, association, or business based on their marriage views.”


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