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July 27, 2017

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) chaired a joint subcommittee hearing today examining free speech on college campuses.

June 26, 2017
Opinion Pieces

Former FBI Director James Comey misled the American people during last year's presidential campaign when he referred to the Clinton email scandal as a "matter," not an investigation. He did it willfully. He did it intentionally. And he did it at the direction of Attorney General Loretta Lynch.

June 15, 2017
In a House Judiciary Committee hearing today, Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) questioned acting Deputy Assistant Attorney General Richard Downing about former FBI Director James Comey's recent testimony regarding former Attorney General Loretta Lynch.
June 9, 2017
Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) has introduced H.R. 2832, the Welfare Reform and Upward Mobility Act of 2017, a bill to reform the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). The bill, sponsored in the Senate by Senator Mike Lee (R-Utah), is modeled off of successful reforms implemented in Maine and the welfare reforms of 1996.

Of the legislation, Rep. Jordan said:

June 8, 2017
Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) will join several of his House colleagues for a panel discussion on Friday. The panel is titled, "Principles for Tax Reform: A Conversation with the House Freedom Caucus." The panel will take place at 9:30 a.m. on Friday at the Heritage Foundation's headquarters on Massachusetts Avenue.
June 1, 2017
Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) made the following comments regarding President Donald Trump's decision to withdraw the U.S. from the Paris accord:
May 25, 2017
"Today's hearing highlights exactly what American taxpayers hate about the federal government," said Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) today, calling for the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee to subpoena a former Department of Education official during a hearing.
May 25, 2017
Opinion Pieces

Americans are, on average, wealthier, healthier, and better-educated than we ever have been. We've made huge strides in civil rights and racial equality. We have access to technology that would have awed past generations.

But fundamentally, our culture and way of life has undergone some changes that are not necessarily positive.

Issues:Budget and Fiscal IssuesGovernment Reform
May 23, 2017
Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) made the following statement regarding President Donald Trump's Fiscal Year 2018 budget:
May 4, 2017
Congressman Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) made the following comments regarding today's vote by the U.S. House of Representatives to pass the American Health Care Act:

"The legislation that passed the House today is better because of the intense involvement of conservatives over the past few weeks.